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Counseling Services

Divorce is an emotional transition and a complex business transaction.  While we are well-equipped to handle the division of your assets and other divorce-related claims, you might also need assistance coping with the emotional transition.  Gailor Hunt maintains close, professional associations with many counselors and therapists.  Contact us for a list of referrals.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

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Gailor Hunt can help settle your case out of court.  We provide both mediation and arbitration services.

Nicole Taylor, Jaime Davis, Melissa Essick, and Stephanie Gibbs are certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as Family Financial Mediators. Nicole, Jaime, Melissa, and Stephanie have extensive experience in family law cases including spousal support and child support issues as well as the distribution of property.

Video: What is Divorce Mediation and Should I Consider It?

Nicole, Jaime, Melissa, and Stephanie are able to evaluate the parties’ respective claims, facilitate the parties’ understanding of their spouse’s position and thus compromise resulting in settlement. Nicole, Jaime, Melissa, and Stephanie are available to act as a mediators or arbitrators in any domestic dispute.

Learn more about mediation by reading our article, Mediation and Divorce – Managing Settlement Offers and Communications Between Parties, and listening to our Podcast about Mediation.

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