October 9, 2014 Blog

Divorce: A Reality Check

The Raleigh family lawyers of Gailor & Hunt announce that the firm’s blog – “Divorce – A Reality Check,” formerly located at has relocated to

Gailor Hunt Davis Taylor & Gibbs PLLC is a divorce and family law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina in business since 1994. Our core mission is representation of men and women in family law and divorce matters. Divorce and family law is our only focus. Our blog “Divorce – A Reality Check” – is born of our many years of experience in guiding people through difficult and often highly contentious divorce cases. “Divorce – A Reality Check” focuses on communicating the lessons learned in our divorce practice that are most important to men and women who are in the divorce process or expect they soon will be. The blog will focus on such topics as pre-divorce planning, hiring and working with your lawyer, the divorce process, controlling costs and fees, realistic expectations and more.  The advice and information here is not intended as a substitute for therapy nor particular legal advice on any divorce matter. The divorce laws vary significantly from state to state and the reader should always consult with an experienced divorce lawyer in his or her location.

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