North Carolina Divorce Talk

Introductory Playlist

Contemplating divorce? Watch these videos first.

  1. Heading toward Divorce? Don’t make these mistakes

  2. The Divorce Process

  3. Myths Surrounding Separation

  4. Just got served with divorce papers. Now what?

  5. How Should You Collect Electronic Evidence For Your Divorce Case?

  6. What Role Does Social Media Play in Divorce?

  7. How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced in North Carolina and What Does It Cost?

  8. Why You Might Need An Outside Expert To Assist In Your Family Law Case

Marriage Topics

Contemplating marriage? How to protect your assets with a Prenuptial Agreement

  1. How Important is a Prenup? Confessions of Skinnygirl Mogul Bethenny Frankel

  2. Is a Premarital Agreement Right for Me?

Custody & Child Support

Your custody and child support questions answered

  1. Understanding How Child Custody Is Decided in North Carolina

  2. Can A Father Get Primary Custody Of His Children in a Divorce?

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