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As a courtesy to our clients, Gailor Hunt accepts credit cards for payment of invoices and retainers. As an added service, Gailor Hunt has partnered with LawPay to provide the convenience of making online payments via a secure webpage.

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Absolute Divorce: An absolute divorce is what is commonly referred to as “divorce.” An absolute divorce can only be obtained by a judgment of the court finding that all of the legal requirements have been met. Remarriage is legally impossible until an absolute divorce judgment has been entered.

Accustomed Standard of Living: The standard of living to which the dependent spouse and children became accustomed during the last several years prior to the separation of the spouses.

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“A Year and a Day: Divorce Without Destruction” a podcast by Jaime Davis

Jaime Davis hosts “A Year and a Day: Divorce Without Destruction;” a podcast providing information and tips for getting through a separation and divorce without destroying family relationships or the family finances.  Each episode includes conversations with divorce-related professionals.

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