September 29, 2021 Blog

Jaime Davis Talks Divorce During COVID on Triangle 411 Podcast

Jaime Davis dives into divorce trends and insider tips on a recent episode of Triangle 411, a podcast hosted by journalist Mary Insprucker.

On the podcast, Jaime discusses how COVID has affected many couples. As people are forced to stay home and abandon their usual routines in response to the pandemic, Jaime explains, the existing cracks in the foundation of a marriage have been exposed and exacerbated. These stressors have led to an increase in divorce consultations and filings over the last year.

COVID has also burdened and belabored the divorce process, she says. From congested court schedules to a housing shortage to new custody concerns and more, divorce today looks a little different than it once did. This means it’s more important than ever to find ways to alleviate the headache and heartache.

After 20 years of practicing divorce law, Jaime has seen what works (and what doesn’t) to divorce while keeping family and finances intact. From self-care to hiring a team of professionals to mediation, Jaime offers several methods to eliminate some of the mess of divorce.

“I find this way of divorce to be less stressful on the parties, to be less expensive; a divorce without destruction can lead to a better co-parenting relationship if children are involved,” Jaime tells Mary.

Listeners also have a chance to receive a free copy of Jaime’s book, “A Year and a Day: Divorce Without Destruction.”

Play the podcast below to listen to the interview and find out how to receive a free book.

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