February 20, 2018 Blog

Learn about Parenting Coordinators; episode 5 of podcast “A Year and a Day” available now.

Episode 5 of the podcast is available for download now!  In Episode 5, host Jaime Davis (who is a Certified Parenting Coordinator herself) discusses the topic of “Parenting Coordinators” with fellow family law attorney and Certified Parenting Coordinator Katie King.  If you are involved in a high conflict custody dispute and you and the other parent have a difficult time making decisions that affect the children, you may wish to consider asking the court to appoint a parenting coordinator in your case.

In North Carolina, the court may appoint a parenting coordinator at any time during a child custody action if both parents consent. If the other parent does not consent to having a parenting coordinator appointed, the court can still appoint  a parenting coordinator if the court finds that (1) the case is a high-conflict case, (2) appointment of the parenting coordinator is in the best interests of any minor child in the case, and (3) the parties are able to pay for the cost of the parenting coordinator. The primary role of the parenting coordinator is to help reduce conflict.  For more information about parenting coordinators, be sure to check out Episode 5 of the podcast!

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