December 7, 2017 Blog

Podcast Episode 1 recap; Episode 2 preview

By: Jaime Davis

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of A Year and a Day.  If you have not had the opportunity to check it out, you can find the podcast here.  In Episode 1, I discuss issues related to co-parenting with licensed psychologist Dr. Lori Thomas who offers tips and suggestions for how parents can continue to successfully co-parent their children despite a separation or divorce.

Episode 2 will be available later this month.  In Episode 2, I will be discussing the topic of mediation with fellow family law attorney and mediator Lynn McNally.  The discussion will address questions such as: How does mediation work? How much does it cost? Why is it beneficial? Are there any downsides?

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Jaime Humphries Davis joined Gailor Hunt Davis Taylor & Gibbs, PLLC in 2001. Jaime is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist whose practice incorporates all areas of family law, with a concentration in complex equitable distribution and child custody matters, including relocation and interstate cases. Jaime also focuses on family law contracts, including Premarital, Postnuptial, Separation and Property Settlement Agreements. If you have a question about this article, you can email Jaime at

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