Who We Are

Founded in 1994, Gailor Hunt Jenkins Davis & Taylor PLLC is one of North Carolina’s most accomplished firms practicing exclusively in the area of family law and domestic relations litigation. While each attorney has a high degree of competency in all areas of family law, each attorney in the firm focuses on a specific area of family law. This capability enhances the Firm’s ability to respond to and litigate any issue no matter how multi-faceted or complex.

For example:

  • Carole Gailor and Cathy Hunt focus on business valuation and complex business and financial issues in equitable distribution cases;
  • Jaime Davis focuses on complex equitable distribution and contested custody matters including relocation cases, as well as family law contracts such as Premarital, Postnuptial, and Separation and Property Settlement Agreements;
  • Stephanie Jenkins focuses on high conflict family law litigation involving multiple trials and hearings;
  • Nicole Taylor focuses on cases involving complex marital estates and financial issues including equitable distribution, alimony and child custody;
  • Stephanie Gibbs focuses on collateral criminal matters that occur in family law cases such as domestic violence and assault and battery.

Because the Firm’s lawyers have extensive experience and possess in-depth knowledge in particular areas of family law, the Firm can provide a superior, highly skilled and experienced team response to a complex or multi-faceted case resulting in greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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